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Marijke Jährling



With nearly a four octave range, Dutch-German vocalist and lyricist, Marijke Jährling paints pictures, builds sculptures of transparent beauty, and tells touching stories of life. Her singing reflects her artistic career, her life, and her various experiences.    To shy to go on stage she first studied fine arts, then went to drama-school and worked as a singin' actor before switchin to jazz.                Educated by various international artists including the Countertenor Oliver May,  she was taught Jazz singing by Diethra Bishop (Hilversum, NL) and Fay Victor (NY,USA)- the New-York vocalist about Marijke's talent: "You're a gret jazzsinger very musical".                      With her latest production "Bonjour Liberté" (hello liberty), she follows on from the revue "Mensch, Kurt!", in which she wove texts and songs by the important German journalist and author Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935) into a full-length theatre piece for the West Side Theatre Darmstadt in 2016. With the album "Bonjour Liberté", she places Kurt Tucholsky - a collegue of Nobel-price winning journalist Carl von Ossietzky - alongside a contemporary, the composer Kurt Weill (1900-1950). The two jews from Berlin never met, but as Paris was a place of refuge for them from the impositions of their time before second world war, Marijke has therefore translated Tucholsky and Weill into French, set Tucholsky to music and with new and  fresh arrangements, "Bonjour Liberté" has become a cheeky, poetic album, oscillating between jazz and chanson, and even danceable with echoes of musette, rumba and tango - and it is highly topical!

From 2012 until 2016 Marijke had embodied Billie Holiday in the play “Billie’s Blues” which she wrote for the West Side Theatre, Darmstadt.  It was highly acclaimed and ran the scene for years. The CD “Portrait of a Lady” was released in April 2013 (Sound&More) as an homage to Billie and she toured successfully through Germany as a leader of her own band, NOLA.

Her 2017- release on Dot Time Records “Spheres of Monk” brings her back to her mid twenties when she heard some of the tunes Monk was playing with Coltrane.

Her idea for the Monk album came from inside the musical stories. So it was only natural for her to write some lyrics for his music, in French, English and German, and added her own musical arrangements.

She worked with, among others, Saxplayer Eric Plandé, bassists  Jürgen Wuchner and Ralf Cetto),  drummer Uli Schiffelholz (HR -Jazzensemble), pianist Sébastien Lovato (Paris) as well as with  New York based pianist Marco di Gennaro. He said their cooperation was: “Outstanding! It was a pleasure for me”.










"Vocally and musically a mature performance"

                              Martin Grunenberg,

HR2 ,

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady

"Round Midnight"
TH. Monk
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