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“An evening you won`t forget: 'Lover Man', 'Lady Sings the Blues', 'All of me' -she spreads them as shimmering pearls to the the audience. Marijke Jährling interprets the famous and also lesser known songs (...) sometimes in a supercool way, then defiant, or passionately, such as Billie Holiday's worldwide success in 1939 "Strange Fruit" (...) and thereby again she will prove her respectable vocal range" Sigrid Jahn, Starkenburger Echo

"Marijke Jährling not only gives her voice but also her soul to great classics like "That Ole Devil Called Love" or "Them There Eyes" She effortlessly made both come alive, melancholic ballads and upbeat numbers, due to her great voice and her skills as an actor.”
Rhein-Main-Spitze, Sergio Presta
"All Of ME" click to turn off
"musically-vocally a mature performance, supported by this jazz trio that plays really very sensitive and with the necessary swing."
Radio HR2 , Martin Grunenberg
"Fantasticly commemorated memory" Jan Stich, Main Echo
"What a cute thing grows here in Hessen" Günther Hottmann, Radio HR2, Jazz Now
Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady

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