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Marijke Jährling & Band
Spheres Of Monk
on Dot Time Records, New York

 In fresh vocalized versions, these Bebop classics shimmer in contemporary colors: from up-tempo scats to more dreamy interpretations, Dutch-German vocalist Marijke Jährling and her band follow the musical universe of the genius Thelonious “Sphere” Monk.
As no other jazz giant, Monk marked the true
conception of a nonstop creative artist. His compositions are foils for every musician to find their own voice and personal sound. Marijke and her young group of German talents create a specific and unique atmosphere to express the poetry, humor and tempo of the jazz legend, broadcasted in a light and transparent manner.


To some of Monk’s compositions Miss Jährling wrote new lyrics, that relate about music and love, recounting the life of Thelonious Sphere Monk Monk.  This band knows what the music of Monk is all about: there are no blinders, no boundaries!.
Marijke Jährling - voc, lyrics, arr.
Steffen Müller-Kaiser - ts, bcl, cl
Lukas Moriz - piano
Rudolf "Rudi" Stenzinger - bass
Uli Schiffelholz/Holger Nesweda - drums


Press & Quotes


"Sounds great, Lady. Excellence"   Th. S. Monk, son of the legend

georgeous… (she has) a knack for original arrangements… that she ads her own lyrics to some songs is another advantage of the album that’s compilated with care”              Jazzthing    


Dignified! Jährling sings the often complicated melodic  lines with a nonchalant matter of course. … … she takes the cake of originality!



"This is quite fancy“ Radio HR 2, Jazz Now                                 


“It’s said about Monk,  that he has developed a unique sense of ‘playing the right thing at the right moment’. Similarly, Marijke Jährling & Band succeeds in transmitting Monks musical vocabulary to a modern quintet and to transfer it, in addition, to a voice,this is almost bold. Great applause with the full crowd in" Darmstädter Echo  

“An exciting experiment with fascinating arrangements” Allgemeine Zeitung




„traumhaft…ein Händchen für originelle Arrangements .. . eine eigene Perspektive… 

dass Sie zudem den Songs eigene Texte angedeihen lässt ist ein weiterer Pluspunkt dieses

liebevoll zusammengestellten Albums“

"Jazzthing "(Feb 2018)

„ein Album, das man sich gerne anhört. Jährling singt die melodisch oftmals komplizierten

Linien mit lässiger Selbstverständlichkeit…die musikalische Ausführung ist gediegen..

sie schießt den Vogel der Originalität ab“

"Jazzthetic" (Jan. 2018)


Das ist ziemlich originell“ HR 2, Jazz Now Günther Hottmann (Nov 2017)


"Über Monk sagt man er habe einen untrüglichen Sinn gehabt  'zur rechten Zeit das Richtige zu

spielen. Ähnlich gelingt es Marijke Jährling Monks musikalischen Wortschatz auf   ein modernes

Quintett  zu übertragen, außerdem auf eine Stimme - das ist geradezu kühn!     

Großer Applaus im vollbesetzten Haus!"

  Darmstädter EchoUlfert Goemann  (Dec. 2016) concert review)


"Ein aufregendes Experiment mit spannenden Arrangements"

Allgemeine Zeitung Bettina Bergstedt (Oct 2017)

BIO short

With nearly a four octave range, Dutch-German vocalist and lyricist, Marijke Jährling paints pictures, builds sculptures of transparent beauty, and tells touching stories of life. Her singing reflects her artistic career, her life, and her various experiences.

Educated by various international artists including the Countertenor Oliver May,  she was taught Jazz singing by Diethra Bishop (Hilversum, NL) and Fay Victor (NY,USA).From 2012 until 2016 she embodied Billie Holiday in the play “Billie’s Blues” which she wrote.  It was highly acclaimed and ran at the West Side Theatre (Darmstadt/Germany) . The CD “Portrait of a Lady” was released in April 2013 (Sound&More) as an homage to Billie. Also in 2015 she toured successfully as a leader of her own band, NOLA.

Her  release on Dot Time Records “Spheres of Monk” brings her back to her mid twenties when she heard some of the tunes Monk was playing with Coltrane.

Her idea for the Monk album came from inside the musical stories. So it was only natural for her to write some lyrics for his music.

She worked with, among others, Saxplayer Eric Plandé, bassists  Jürgen Wuchner , Norbert Dömling (Darmstadt, Germany), Jon Sass (Vienna/New York) and Oliver Steidle  (Berlin, Germany), as well as with  New York based pianist Marco di Gennaro. Hi said her singing was: “Outstanding! It was a pleasure for me”.

Dot Time Records
Johanan Bickhard
Head Office
666 Shore Road, Suite 4F
Long Beach NY 11561
Phone –  +1 570 604 3181
Email –
European Distribution & Sales
Hanseatenhof 9
28195 Bremen
Email –
Press &Booking:
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Past performances at...

The Lexington Hotel, New York; Smalls, New York; West Side Theatre, Darmstadt; Romanfabrik Frankfurt am Main; Fabrik, FFM; Jazzclub Gelnhausen; Forum Kultur, Heppenheim; Agentur Allegra, Mannheim Das Rind, Rüsselsheim; Bessunger Knabenschule, Darmstadt; Jazzinstitut, Darmstadt; JazzLounge, Groß-Umstadt; Kunst und Kirche, Seeheim-Jugenheim; Jazzhall, Stuttgart... and many other places
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